Life insurance is important for everyone to have. A life insurance policy guarantees that the insurance company pays a named beneficiary a set amount in the event of death. With life insurance, you can make sure that your loved ones are taken care of after you die, and that they are not left with major debts and expenses to deal with. It can be difficult to know what life insurance policy will be best for you, and it is not uncommon for even medical professionals to be confused by the ins and outs of life insurance.

What You Need To Know About Life Insurance

Life insurance can give the people you love financial security after you die, by providing them with a tax-free payment. Depending on your circumstances and needs, there are multiple amounts and types of coverage that you can choose from. The cost of life insurance you buy as an individual will also depend on your age, gender, health, medical history, and lifestyle.

There are two basic types of life insurance: term life insurance and permanent life insurance. The type you choose will depend on what your needs are. When deciding what type of insurance you need and how much coverage you will need, there are a number of things to take into consideration. Ideally, you want to make sure your debts are covered, so that you do not leave large financial burdens for your loved ones. When looking at life insurance consider your income, net worth, family needs, debt, and other insurance you may already have.

Life insurance applicants must disclose their past and current health concerns as well as any high-risk activities. Life insurance policies typically have ongoing premiums for the life of the policy or for a defined period of time. When the policy owner dies, the policy’s beneficiaries will receive the policy’s monetary value or death benefits.

Life Insurance For Medical Professionals

Johnston Shaw Inc offers life insurance advisory in addition to its expertise in disability, critical illness, and office overhead insurance. Our advice is tailored to provide medical professionals family and loved ones with financial security in the event of your death.


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