If you own a business, you know how important it is to keep your team motivated, especially in healthcare, where stress levels can be at their highest. As workforces continue to evolve, voluntary benefits are a great way to provide more support and value to your medical team. Voluntary benefits allow employees to customize the benefits they receive, so they can choose the coverage that best suits their needs.

Why You Should Give Your Staff Voluntary Benefits

Voluntary benefits are benefits options that go above and beyond a traditional plan offered by an employer. With Voluntary Benefits, employees are able to opt into all, some, or none of the available options and they only pay for the benefits that they want to purchase. They simply go through the list of options that you, as the employer, want to make available to them and choose what best suits their needs. Giving your employees a choice in which benefits they get is a great way to keep your medical team motivated and feeling valued. A 2013, survey found that many Canadian CFO’s strongly agreed that voluntary benefits increased overall employee satisfaction. With this type of coverage, they are able to choose exactly what coverage they need, and leave out the benefits they do not need. This is a win-win for employers and employees, as employers can be satisfied knowing that their employees have access to great benefits, and employees are satisfied because the customizable plans helps them ensure their needs are met.

The Advantages Of Voluntary Benefits

One of the biggest advantages of giving your employees voluntary benefits is the customizability of the program to meet the needs and budgets of both yourself, as the employer, and your employees. With a plan like this, employees are able to pick and choose what coverage they want, so they can tailor the plan to their individual medical needs, and you, as the employer, can offer the benefits options that fit within your budget.

Business owners in the healthcare industry can work with our team at Johnston Shaw Inc to put together a plan for your employees with several voluntary benefits. We keep it simple while offering a wide variety of benefits for you to offer your employees, at a great rate!

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